Incorporate Natural Stone into Your Bathroom Shower Designs with Ceramic Tile

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Bathroom Shower Designs
One of the first areas of the home that many homeowners choose to improve is the bathroom. The bathroom tends to be smaller than most other rooms in the home, but it is also one of the most important rooms. Changing the design of the shower can be a great way to change the overall look of the bathroom and improve enjoyment of the home.
The shower is an area of the bathroom where most people will be at least once or twice a day. Choosing a new design for the shower can have a huge impact on the visual appeal of the bathroom by becoming an important focal point of the room. If you feel like your bathroom could use a facelift, a new shower design can lift the overall look of the room and is often a very affordable home improvement project.
There are a wide variety of bathroom shower designs that involve the use of either natural stone or ceramic tiles. These materials provide excellent aesthetic improvements while also offering impressive levels of design freedom and customization.
Natural Stone Shower Designs
Sealed granite and marble tiles are an excellent choice for bathroom shower designs. The natural beauty of these stones will instantly add a touch of elegance and style that is unmatched by any other building material. Granite brings a look of rugged beauty with truly unique markings and textures, while marble is often smoother creating a look of more refined elegance.
In addition to being historically beautiful and strong, these natural stone tiles are also extremely water-resistant when they are properly sealed. This is an excellent characteristic when it comes to being used for shower walls since the tiles can endure the punishment of streaming water while also being resistant to mold.
Choosing to incorporate natural stone into any room of the home is an investment in beauty and long lasting elegance. There are different types of granite and marble tiles that can help to fit into any homeowner's budget.
Ceramic Tile Shower Designs
Ceramic tile is typically more affordable than natural stone tile, but it offers more specific design options.Ceramic tiles are given color and texture based on what type of glaze and finish is used on the tile. This means that the same pattern and texture can be replicated, unlike natural stone where each piece is unique.
The designs that are possible with ceramic tiles are almost endless; they come in nearly every color, texture and design imaginable. Smaller tiles can be used to manually create larger designs as well.
Glazed ceramic tiles offer a similar level of water and mold resistance as sealed natural stone, making it an ideal choice for use as a shower tile. Ceramic tile creates a sophisticated and timeless look that is aesthetically appealing to everyone. It can do wonders to breathe new life into any bathroom shower design.
If you are looking for a new bathroom shower design, take the time to discover the elegance and functionality that natural stone and ceramic tile can bring to your home.